IDK what I am doing

Honestly, I have no clue wants going on. The world is filled with horns and kids throwing tantrums. It seems that the only peace I can find is being a lens. With a chunk of glass between me and the outside world. I started taking photos during the 2020 lockdowns and I instantly fell in love. What started as simply going out for a walk quickly tuned into iPhone photography lessons with me myself and I. This quickly escalated to running around with my brand new Canon RP (kit lens) and I just knew there was something there. When I was out with that camera in my hand I knew something was right. It’s a feeling. During this time I was spending my evenings walking around downtown Ottawa and listening to The Reality Revolution. These podcasts would take my mind to new places and the physicality of movement and shooting would distract my hamster mind. Essentially, photography, newly legalized substances, and metaphysical podcasts changed my life. But we are here more to talk about the photography, for now.

Shortly after starting my journey into street photography I realized that what I wanted to was get up close to my subjects. But at this time my subjects where tall buildings and landscapes. Rivers, and trees, and that oh so gorgeous ball of fire in the sky. If I started my photography journey in the Fall of 2020 (that’s when I finally bought my first mirrorless camera) then I found one of my passions though it in the spring of 2021 when I purchased my first lens. A brand new Canon RF 600mm collapsible prime. I got myself a clip for my bag and now I could run and gun like a maniac though the city. With this new lens I could take photos that I had never dreamed of before. I can see craters on the moon with it and I can see the fur on a squirrels head from 100 yards. 

I have since added a few more lenses to my repertoire but there is always something special about your first. 

selfie with my CHROME backpack and CANON RP with 600MM LENS

Anyways, this post took way to long and I have a lot more to say so thank you for reading and have the most wonderful dream of your life. :)

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